DukeGroups, A Student's Experience



Thumbnail This blog post was written by Duke undergraduate Mandy Jiang. As a first year student, I was indeed overwhelmed by the diversity of on-campus student organizations. DukeGroups Website has been the most efficient and useful website for my on-campus involvement so far! In the opening week’s activity fair, though most organizations showed up, it was impossible for me to stop by every table and ask about the detailed information of every club. DukeGroups Website, therefore, has become the major portal to the various organizations that I am interested in. The website contains comprehensive information of each student group, including their short introductions, specific categories, websites, and people to contact with. It is very easy to find organizations that match my interest and relate to my prospective majors (Econ and Public Policy). Currently, the organizations that I am involved in are Duke Red Cross, Duke International Relations Association and Smart Women Security. I get their information via DukeGroups.  More importantly, as an international student from China, I know the difficulty that internationals face with their after-class activity choice. Due to many limitations such as cultural barriers and unfamiliarity with the American school system, it is often hard for internationals to make wise choices about their extra curricular involvement. In this way, DukeGroups can be a very good resource, for it provides very clear information of the memberships that Duke offers. However, this website is not broadly used by many people. Hence, it is particularly important for DukeGroups to advertise its opportunities and programs to a more diverse group on campus. In addition, some of the information on that site is a bit out of date. It would be great for student organizations in DukeGroups to catch up with the latest changes taking place on campus and update their profiles.