The End of College: So long. Farewell?

Author name
Nadine Verna, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center



I spent the previous week studying for finals and writing papers with limited sleep, but when I handed in my last assignment, I felt a mixture of relief and resignation. 

“Thank you,” the department secretary said, “You’re all set.” 
“That’s it?” I asked.
“That’s it!” She replied cheerfully.

A few minutes later I met my circle of friends, who all shared similar stories of… the end.  We had labored so much over the last four years that for it to end this abruptly seemed anti-climactic.  We also had a peculiar mix of emotions about what was to come: excitement, trepidation and frustration.  Many of us did not have jobs yet and we were moving to different cities.  On that day, my friends and I sat under a tree and mourned the end of our collective college experience –before we could move on...

Does the end of your college career feel anti-climactic? 
Are you still uncertain about the future?
We are here to help!

Career counseling is available to you at the Career Center for four years after graduation.  Plus, the Career Center is open during the summer, so make a phone or in-person appointment with your career counselor today!

If you are searching for a job
Many recent graduates are.  Counselors can discuss using resources, such as Experience for Alumni, the LinkedIn Duke Alumni Network and websites to find the opportunity that’s right for you.
**You will want to get into Experience for Alumni for great job postings because Duke eRecruiting is a tool for current students and on July 31, you will officially move to alum status.  Employers will post in Experience for Alumni when they are not looking for current students.

If you are starting a new job
Start your new job on the right foot!  Talk to a counselor about creating a personalized plan for your first 30 days on the job and how to manage your career over time.

If you are going to graduate school
Discuss ways to make the best use of your summer – including internships, shadowing, and informational interviewing – as well as to identify job prospects while in graduate school.

If you don’t know what you want to do
Learn more about yourself and potential careers through self inquiry, career assessments and our tools to explore a variety of possibilities.