Finals Week: Maximize Your Success, Not Stress!


This blog is brought to you by Caroline Conklin ('15), a current DUWELL intern.

It’s that time of year again- finals week. We all know it’s coming but somehow it always creeps up on us. Here are a few tips to help you stay relaxed during this stressful time:

Find your go-to spot: 
Duke’s campus has plenty of options for study areas. Distractions are everywhere, so find a place on a campus where you know you’ll be focused and have the least amount of distractions. Perkins, the Link, Bostock, Lily, and von der Heyden are some of the library options for a quiet peaceful study place. Great Hall and Marketplace are great options for those who want a bit of background noise but can still get work done. The Oasis in Belltower and DUWELL under the East Campus coffee shop are both very calming environments. Come swing by and say hi to us, grab a seat and study! Going off campus to a bookstore or a coffee shop are always nice options too if they are easily accessible to you.

Go ahead, take a break:
 Studying for an extended amount of time can have a major strain on your brain and focus. We all can go a bit study crazy! Take breaks so your brain can retain the information you studied. Head to Brodie or Wilson for a quick workout, watch a bit of TV on Hulu, or just simply go outside for a bit and walk around our beautiful campus.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day:  
On the day of your final exam, make sure to eat a good breakfast so that you are alert and awake. Without any food in your system you will become focused on your hunger and not your exam! Grabbing a coffee around finals is common, but be careful, moderation is key! Check out this article about caffeine and study habits. To go along with the food and drink theme…stay away from going out and drinking days before your exam, alcohol can still have negative effects days later.

Catch your Z’s: 
When you don’t get at least six hours of sleep, your mind tends to lose focus, which is not something you want during a final. Make sure you have time to sleep so your mind can retain the information you studied and increase your focus!

Utilize the “reading days”: 
Three days off of class?? Awesome! Students need to take advantage of these free days called “reading days”. Create a schedule for these three days. For example: what subject you’ll study each day and what hours you will be working on a specific class for. Scheduling a workout and a little break here and there are also a good things. This will help you stay organized and on-track.

Come swing by DUWELL’s study hours!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
WHEN: December 10th, 11th, AND 12th: 9pm-12am

WHERE: @ Duke Student Wellness Center (under the coffeehouse on East Campus)

We will have FREE FOOD and study break activities throughout the whole night!!! We would love you to join us