Fried Food and Fair Fun (NC style) From HubTix! By Julia Zou



After entering the gates, the visible skyline is the first thing you notice in the dark: huge, lit-up Ferris wheels and towers of adrenaline-pumping rides. Once you get closer after maneuvering through crowds of equally ecstatic people, you start to take in the aromas of delicious deep-fried foods and the ringing noises of test-your-luck games.

Did you guess it already? There could be no other place like this around here but the North Carolina State Fair! 

On behalf of HubTix, I was able to experience the benefits of the on-campus program. While admission is regularly $8 a ticket and ride sheets $1 per ticket, HubTix offered them for only $5 and $11 (for a sheet of 18), respectively. I went with a group of fellow brothers from APO, but the fair can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. First stop at the fair: the deep-fried food stands (of course!). There is a plentiful selection at various stands, but one of the must-tries would be their deep-fried Oreos. I have heard of a Krispy Kreme burger, but I haven't been daring enough to try it yet. After having our fill, we wandered around the fairgrounds. Inevitably, we were tempted and gave in to the many games spread throughout the place. The draw of ginormous stuffed animals and the seeming simplicity of the games was enough for us to put down $5 a game. Note to self next time: stick with the definitely-win-a-prize games. Lastly, we finished our night off with a couple twirly rides and the fireworks show. The illuminated lights only on at night added to the allure of the rides, diminishing the thought of the wait time necessary to get on. The satisfaction of wind blowing through your hair and flipping through the night air is something unparalleled anywhere in Durham.

HubTix is your connection to entertainment opportunities in the Durham and Raleigh community. As a Duke student, you receive special discounted prices to events like concerts, speakers, and the yearly North Carolina State Fair. All tickets can be purchased through the Box Office, or other times won through exclusive HubTix promotions. The tickets are highly accessible by a quick stop at the Box Office in the Bryan Center - so what is there to lose? Get on the listserv to receive updates on events, Despite being the marketing assistant, I truely advocate HubTix for it is the best way to get informed about upcoming events, purchase cheap tickets, and experience awesome attractions that would otherwise be unknown, pricier, and/or missed. You can sign up for the list serve here.