Getting Started with foursquare


Using foursquare is easy! Just visit the foursquare website and create an account - you can even sign up with your existing Facebook account. Watch this short video to learn all about foursquare.

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Follow Duke on foursquare

Once you have an account, the first thing you'll want to do is to follow Duke University so you always know what's happening around campus. Plus you'll be eligible to earn that coveted Duke Blue Devil badge!

Duke Lists

Now that you are following Duke on foursquare, take a look at some of the great lists we have prepared for you. Some of these are:

Get the App!

Now, go download the app for your phone, then get out and find your friends on foursquare. Compete for those important mayorships on campus. But most of all, have fun exploring.


Now that you have the app downloaded, we have a step-by-step guide to getting started. Just follow along with these images as we walk you through the process of creating an account, following Duke University, and your first check-in.


1. Launch foursquare for the first time.

2. Login with your Facebook account. (You can also create a foursquare account using your email address if you don't have a Facebook account or if you prefer not to link these accounts.)

3. Finish the account creation process.

4. Tell foursquare a bit about yourself.

5. Now that you havea an account, add some friends. It's more fun that way!

6. Use foursquare search to find friends. 

7. Search for Duke to find the Duke University account.

8.Once you find the Duke University account, click the big "+" sign to follow us.

9. You are now following Duke University on foursqure. Now you can get that fancy Duke Blue Devil badge by checking in around campus.

10.Now follow Duke's lists on foursquare for great places to visit. Start with the Duke LDOC 2012 list.

11. Now checkin to let your friends know where you are and to find cool stuff near you. Just click the Check In button to see a list of nearby venues.