Graduation Nerves


by Dorielle Obanor

As the end of the fall semester of my senior year rolls around, I find myself in a state of denial. There’s no way I can be graduating in 5 months! Unlike high school, college graduation signifies a true transition to adulthood. Though I have always had a firm idea of what I wanted to do upon graduating the reality of being just months away from leaving my Duke home makes me nervous. I’m nervous about saying goodbye to friends, for many of my friends will be dispersed across the country in various graduate schools, jobs, and even abroad for my friend considering the peace corps. I’m scared of being on my own, no longer can I rely on my plastic card full of food points and flex dollars.

However, as much as I avoid thinking about graduation or leaving the gothic wonderland, one thing is for sure. Despite the unknowns, I know that Duke has equipped me with many of the tools that I will need in life. It has provided me with an opportunity to meet amazing people who I’ve established friendships and strong relationships that I will have forever. Duke has been challenging, and while I know my long nights in Perkins will be nothing compared to the ‘law school grind’ at least I’m somewhat prepared. Duke has expanded my worldview, both through my interactions with students from diverse backgrounds on campus and my opportunities abroad. It has pushed me to be more goal-oriented, self-motivated, open-minded, school spirited, and outgoing. Whether in the classroom or in a casual setting on the plaza, I have learned countless lessons at this school that I will have with me forever. I’m still in denial, and a bit nervous about what lies ahead, but overall I’m confident because I’m a Dukie ☺.