Greetings from the International AIDS Conference!


Greetings all!!  I'm a Program Coordinator at the Duke Student Wellness Center, and I have the privilege on reporting from an incredibly exciting event!
2012 marks a very important year for the United States...30 years of HIV/AIDS and 20 years since the International AIDS Conference will be held in this country (  I am lucky to have been chosen to attend the conference and serve as a Latina Ambassador!  I will be part of a group of people dedicated to sharing the happenings of the conference using social media, including blogging.  Follow me throughout the week as I interview students, health workers, and professionals on the state the healthcare system, access to care in the United states, and current HIV/AIDS policies.  Some of the topics I will address include privilege, education, social entrepreneurship and social justice, and advocacy.

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Let's Turn the Tide Together!

--Maralis Mercado