On the Ground in Beijing


Arrived in Beijing yesterday afternoon and connected with many of the more than 400 US participants. We eventually bussed over to a nearby hotel for brief orientation and dinner (those who know me and my diet always find this part interesting....nope: no vegan options despite the pre-request. I ended up with boiled noodles). It was fun to meet new people and delightful to connect with old and dear friends as well. Janina from UCLA, Michael from UCSB and Judy from the UC system are all here as is Rick Johnson's wife, Mildred, the admissions director from Va Tech.

Tried to sleep last night but watched lots of CNN coverage of the Chinese Congress (and likely new President Xi JinPing). This morning, the higher ed delegation flies to Shanghai for our meetings and tours there, so hopefully, more substance by tomorrow.

I see that my colleagues back home have dubbed this blog a "Where in the World..." bit. Well...I'm in China, a fascinating, complicated, beautiful and mysterious country. This is my second visit, with my last in 2000. I'm anxious to see the differences.