Healthy Skin from the Inside Out…

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Toni Apadula RDN, LDN, CEDRD

Well that warm golden blob in the sky has finally decided to appear and it is actually starting to feel like spring. This of course means that warm weather clothing is making an appearance and along with it more skin.

Skin is an organ just like you heart or liver (in fact it is the largest organ of your body), but it’s easy to take for granted.  You might think that slathering on expensive lotions is the best way to keep skin healthy and looking its best but the real work begins on the inside.

Here’s a quick guide to foods that help you have great looking healthy skin:

Foods high in Vitamin A - Experts agree that vitamin A is one of the most important components of healthy skin cells. Where do you get it? Low fat dairy foods. Here’s why-some people lack the ability to convert beta carotene found in carrots and other veggies to Vitamin A so going directly to the source is your best bet. Vegan or just don’t do dairy? No fear, the majority of non-dairy milk alternatives has just as much A as their dairy counterpart.

Don’t forget about yogurt either. Since yogurt with live culture is good for your digestive tract it’s also good for your skin. Happy gut equals good digestion and glowing skin.

Foods high in anti-oxidants - Think blues, deep reds and purples or berries, plums, red and black beans. These foods help protect damage to skin caused by free radicals which can be caused by sun exposure.

Healthy Fats - Fats are a key component of healthy cell membranes so remember to include fats like salmon, nuts, flaxseed, avocado and olive oil in your diet.

Water - Well-hydrated skin is healthy looking skin and hydration happens from the inside. So drink plenty of water each day, especially in extremes temperatures.
We don’t want to minimize the need to protect your skin from the damage caused by sun exposure so be sure to use a good sun screen with an SPF factor of 30 or greater.

Enjoy these sunny days!