How To: Accessing An Exchange Shared Mailbox in Outlook Web App (OWA)


1.   Open any web browser and type in the following address:
2.   If this is your permanent workstation, select “This is a private computer”, “This is a public computer” will log the user out after 15 minutes of inactivity.  
3.   Enter your netID
4.   Enter your netID password

5.   click your name in the top right of the exchange web application.


  • In the “Select Mailbox” field, you should enter the shared mailbox name you wish to access:
    • For University users, the mailbox name will end with
    • For Medical/Hospital users, the mailbox name will end with
  • Once you have entered the mailbox name correctly, click “Open..”

    •    Your shared mailbox should now be showing in a separate page (either in a new tab or new window).
    â€¢    From here, you will want to create a new bookmark for easier and quicker access.


As always, contact Student Affairs ITS if you require any further assistance or have questions/concerns.
Submit a ticket by emailing:
Or call: 684­‐5143