How To: Adding A Shared Mailbox - Office365

Author name
Michael Tran, Student Affairs ITS
  • Head over to
  • Log in to Office365
  • On the left navigation panel, "RIGHT Click" your name, then select "add shared folder"

  • You will then be prompted to enter the address of the shared folder, Student Affairs ITS will provide you with this information when notifying your shared mailbox has been provisioned.

  • You will then see it populate underneath your personal mailbox, if you have multiple folders currently expanded you may need to scroll down to see it. 

  • Once selected, the shared mailbox can be used to read/reply/ or compose messages in parallel with any others your department to avoid duplicate responses to the same emails.


  • To take advantage of sending on behalf of the mailbox's address instead of your personal email address:
  • Compose a new email, select the ellipsis as shown below, then select "Show From" a new field will now show up with your email address populated.

  • Remove your address by right clicking it, then enter the address you used in step 4 that was provided to you by Student Affairs ITS, you can now send on behalf of the shared mailbox and reply's will go back to the box as well.

Note: Mailing lists are not synonymous with Shared Mailboxes.  Mailing lists are used as a distribution method for communication between individuals where the original sender's identity is beneficial, much like a thread with multiple recipients
carbon copied.  Shared Mailboxes are a repository for collaborative communication between a department and a target individual or population such as a email note to a large number of students. If you would like to discuss if a existing mailing list or could benefit from turning into a shared mailbox or the creation of either, contact Student Affairs ITS for consultation on your process by emailing