I have fallen victim to the buzz

Author name
Elizabeth Hoyler, '16

A few mornings ago, as my roommate was getting out of bed, she lovingly joked that I had just changed my shirt for the third time that day in an attempt to find the right outfit. Embarrassed as I am that this actually was true, allow me to defend myself!

I have fallen victim to the buzz.

You know what I am talking about. We’re back to school. To friends. To burning the midnight oil. And though my freshman year was no picnic, the memories of any exhaustion or stress that it brought have been gradually glossed over by memories of summer.

Don’t feel confident you understand? Here are a few other telltale signs that you’ve been buzzed, too.

1.) Every meal for the next week is booked and different names, old and new, are scribbled in your planner.  (Or, if you’re less anal about your schedule than me, perhaps you just keep a mental record. Kudos.)
2.) There is free food everywhere, and you want to eat all of it. So your diet for the week: Monday is Q-Shack BBQ, Tuesday is Enzo’s pizza, Wednesday… BBQ, Thursday…Pizza. And Friday—well, you get the idea.
3.)  You remember how beautiful the chapel is at dusk. And, if your Facebook homepage is any indication, all of your friends do too.
4.) You hug that person when you see them on the plaza because, even though you’ve forgotten their name, they are familiar and remind you that you’ve returned home. (And it’s not like you can ask them for their name anymore anyway.)
5.) Red Mango!!!!
6.) In the battle between you and your sleep deficit, you are still winning. 
7.) You are not sick of the food on campus and have been routinely eating the same meal for lunch (read: ABP’s make-your-own-salad option) because you just can’t get enough…yet.
8.) Your phone keeps buzzing with Snapchats, GroupMes, Twitter notifications, and texts after a summer-long hiatus.
9.) You are still optimistic that you can get an A in that super difficult [insert course name here].
10.) Did I say Red Mango?

But soon enough schoolwork will pick up. Pressures and stresses will be harder to avoid. The question is, in spite of all these situations, how do we keep ourselves excited? How do we stay buzzed?

As I think about what my sophomore year might bring, I feel optimistic. I feel nervous. Curious, too. But whatever happens, I’m pumped to share it with you all and hopefully unpack some of the complex, often mercurial experiences that we (privileged) Duke students get to live everyday. 

So that’s all for now. You’ll be hearing from me later, but in the meantime, stay buzzed Duke!