An Introduction to Leadershape - By Lindsey Huth


What is LeaderShape? What do I expect and what exactly am I getting myself into? If you are a prospective LeaderShaper reading this, I have been in your shoes and I finally understand why no one seems to do a great job of answering those questions. LeaderShape is more than your typical leadership conference. Yes, you will listen to speakers and participate in team building but you will also be stretched to think deeper and pushed to visualize the world in ways you never have before. It is an experience that helps you understand who you are and more importantly pushes you to embrace that self, long after the end of the program.

For me, LeaderShape reignited my passion for equality and encouraged me to push for the things I believe in, something I had been extremely hesitant to do since I came Duke. It’s so easy, especially at this university, to get lost in the constant competition among your peers that, in a way, you can forget about the things that really matter to you. The things you do at LeaderShape test you. You will be prompted to truly think about how you are living now and how that life corresponds with the future you want, not only for yourself, but for the world we all live in. This is an opportunity to step away from the stressors of the campus environment, step outside yourself, and make the changes you want to see. I, as well as my peers, came back to Duke charged and changed. We made connections with peers as well as faculty members and we each had a plan. Some people are changing their majors, some are starting new initiatives, some are taking risks academically and personally that they were too scared and hesitant to try before. What exactly goes on at LeaderShape is impossible to explain, but I strongly encourage you to take the first risk and sign up; see what can change in you.

Lindsey Huth is sophomore in Trinity.