Just 13.5 Hours to Go


by Larry Moneta

Made it to Newark…of course, there’s a storm coming (another Nor’easter) that’s supposed to hit the area about noon. My flight’s at 12:10 pm so hoping we’ll be up and out before the disruption begins. I feel terrible for all the folks hardly recovered from Hurricane Sandy. Think good thoughts!

Quite the night last night, so not much sleep. That may work to my advantage as I try to sleep on this 13.5 hour flight. We land at 3 pm China time, which is 2 am est, so will need to will the body to adjust.

Now that we’ve settled the US presidential election (if only that meant smooth sailing ahead…), we turn our attention to the selection of the Chinese Premier scheduled over the next couple of days. Here’s some info.

That both country’s leadership transition is this week is notable and critically important. I hope to get a sense of the different ‘feel’ of the process and of public interest while in China. If anyone can suggest what English language newspaper or online periodical I should follow while there, I’d appreciate it.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, this means that our delegation (about 40 people from US higher ed around the country) will have to fly to Shanghai early next day to begin our China Bridge programs since Beijing will be otherwise pre-occupied. I still have few details about our plans in Shanghai though I know we’ll be visiting schools and having conversations with Chinese higher ed counterparts. The ‘downside’ of knowing one of the College Board staff (Dr. Jim Montoya) is that I’ve already been asked to kick off one of the discussions with a 10 minute overview of what it means to prepare young people for the global economy. Another project for the plane ride..

Next post from Beijing…