Knee-Deep in Internship Applications

Author name
Elizabeth Hoyler, '16

It’s that time of the year again when we all start to hear the question… The one that if you’re like me and knee-deep in internship applications, can put your stomach in knots: “You have plans for the summer?”

Excuse me while I binge on Downton Abbey episodes and Trader Joe’s dried mango slices. I will do all the dishes, scoop up the dog poop, and stare down those creepy squirrels that jump out of the trash cans on West Campus. Just don’t remind me that I. Don’t. Know. Because let’s be honest, there are few things that Duke students like less than not being on top of things. And now, with lots of internships to find and emails to write, it’s not only “not on top,” it feels like I’m at flat bottom.

Now generally, I am an advocate for living in the present. Why worry about May, June and July when January is right in front of me? (Um, several reasons in fact, some of which end in career planning, my parents, fear of the unknown, and Duke student…) But these past few weeks have helped me realize that searching out summer opportunities doesn’t have to be so disappointing or impossible a task. You might even be able to enjoy it.

The key is to ask for help. And though I don’t want to sound preachy, there are a few tips I have uncovered these past few weeks:

  • Make the most of your tuition money and search out Duke’s resources!
  • Spend some of the time you’d be on Facebook instead on the Career Center’s website, look at internship databases, or set up an appointment with the career counselor.
  • Stop by the Global Advising Office and open your eyes to disciplines you might have previously been unaware of.
  • Email professors asking for their suggestions or contacts.

I’m in the process of doing all of this, and though I still don’t have an answer yet, I do know I have an army of people ready to help me figure it out. You do too.

Internship app season? Bring it on.