Let's Commiserate on the Strain of the Job Search

Author name
Elizabeth Hoyler, '16

No matter how “at peace” you might feel going into your senior year, you step on to campus, and boom! [Enter self-doubt and confusion.]

This semester, I have seen the cast of characters that emerge with employment prospects: the aggressive networker, the awkward small-talker, the BO guy. Like cattle, we herd ourselves into these large conference rooms to hear info session after info session—each employer pretending to be significantly different from the other. Then come the interviews. The preparation, the execution, the recovery--it makes you feel like you are supposed to know what you want to do with your life, and that you already “have” the answer. Oh, and don’t forget to smile and remember that you should enjoy every moment of it!!!

I am writing to remind us that the job search sucks, and that’s ok. But let’s not get more fatalistic than we have to… Because we have resources, and we shouldn’t forget about them. Stressed? Reach no further than these fantastic resources:

The Unconditional Love-Giver. For many of us, it’s our mom. For another slew of us, it definitely isn’t our mom. Either way, find someone who will always, blindly, and fiercely be in your court. We all need some babying from time to time. 

CAPS. Because strong people have feelings, and sometimes need help carrying them. 

The Type A. This person will keep you on your toes. A little nerves are good! It means you prepare harder, and hold on to that ambition.  These are best with the chiller, that person that cannot seem to get bugged by pretty much anything. They’ll help you remember not to take it too seriously.

The non-human…Dog. Guitar. Netflix, or all three!

Open Advising at the Career Center. Even if you don’t know your question, you’ll leave feeling like you just spent your time productively. Take your resume, your hopes and dreams, or your job anxieties. I have friends who have done all three! 

Remember that you go, Glenn Coco. Just because you don’t know what’s coming, just because you’ve been rejected, just because it’s been so very, very hard… something good is coming your way. Keep your chin up!