Li-Chen Chin Honored by the Cook Society


by Zoila Airall

On Tuesday evening, Li-Chen Chin was one of eight recipients of the 2013 Samuel DuBois Cook Award.  Li-Chen, director of intercultural programs for Student Affairs, was acknowledged for the many ways in which her work as a cultural center director, supervisor and administrator exemplifies Dr. Cook's model of seeking to improve relations of people of all backgrounds. Many of you who have come to know Li-Chen will agree that she is the quintessential team player who is often the thoughtful voice of reason. If you have not had the opportunity to meet or work with Li-Chen, we encourage you to do so.

Li-Chen's work touches the lives of undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, faculty and administrators across the campus. I think two of our colleagues expressed Li-Chen's way of working best. Sean Novak, program coordinator for the Center for Multicultural Affairs, said,  "Li-Chen understands the value of taking an intersectional approach in advocating for marginalized people. Not only does she promote justice and equity, she maintains the need for reconciliation as part of the process." Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta wrote, "Li-Chen represents all that the Cook Society stands for as a persistent advocate for communities of equality, someone with the courage to call out injustices and an individual with the right balance of seriousness and humor as is Dr. Cook himself!"

I hope you will join the Samuel DuBois Cook Society, Dean Sue and me in congratulating our colleague and friend, Li-Chen Chin.