Looking at Divine Movement Through the Lens of NPHC

Author name
Sean Palmer, Assistant Director

For any Black adult who has ever been to college, more than likely some of the pivotal snapshots of our college careers are linked to the events and programs that were held by members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC).  Whether it be one of their academic enrichment programs, neophyte presentations or infamous step shows and parties, we sometimes frame our college years around these unique African-American organizations.  Too often though, we take these organizations and their many contributions for granted, seeing them as a prop to our collegiate experiences. But, what if we took the mundane seriously?  What if black constructions of brotherhood and sisterhood were actually works of art?  And, what if the traditions emanating from Black Greek letter organizations were also works of art too?  As such, this two-part exhibit begs all of its onlookers to consider the NPHC experience in a way that elevates it to art. “Divine” asks us to consider NPHC interactions as art.  “Movement” on the other hand, asks us to consider stepping as both iconography and artistic.  Join me in a consideration of “Divine Movement.”