For the Love of Their Children...


by Larry Moneta, Vice President for Student Affairs

Thumbnail When we first formed the Duke Parents Advisory Council (DPAC), we had modest goals and expectations. We hoped for a bit of advice, expected each parent/family to advocate only for their own kids' needs and assumed only nominal investment by the parents. We couldn't have been more wrong!

DPAC has proven itself to be of incredible value to us, exemplified by these wonderful parents whose 'retirement' we honored today. They and their predecessors have unselfishly offered extensive amounts of time (in person and online) and provided wisdom and wit that have influenced much of what we do to serve students. Penny, Liz, Melinda and Karen finish their terms on DPAC by virtue of their sons and daughters graduations but they, too, graduate from DPAC having served 4-5 years with us. If we could offer a diploma for their efforts, it might read: Pro amore eorum liberorum, et propter Ducis University (For the love of their children and Duke University).