Made it to Wuhan


by Larry Moneta

Thumbnail Here I am in Wuhan…after some back and forth about schedules, we decided to fly here for meetings with Wuhan student services and international relation folks. But, I digress….

Yesterday’s highlights included our visit to Peking University, China’s finest institution, where we toured briefly and then took place in closing speeches, final breakout sessions and our final banquet (which I mostly missed to get ready for this next episode in my journey). In my evaluation of the China Bridge program I noted how well were were cared for, what most events were enjoyable and worthwhile, but that in the future more in depth conversation with higher ed counterparts would have strengthened the program. I really enjoyed meeting the people…both US and Chinese and imagine that I’ll maintain contact with several.

Btw, saw the Cube (swimming venue) and Birds Nest (Opening and closing events facility) from the bus on our way to the banquet.

Now…on to phase 2 of the trip…focus on DKU.

I’m joined in Kunshan by the intrepid Ming, our ‘man in China” and two colleagues from JonesLangLasalle, our administrative support partners for the development of the DKU campus. We caught up on the construction process over lunch (pasta!) and were then given a tour of parts of Wuhan University by staff of their International Office. Wuhan is an assembly of four previously independent schools and the business school is the largest school of the entire university. We checked out several academic buildings and saw several dorms. Chinese building standards are certainly ‘different’ from ours…4 undergrads to a room in all dorms and all balconies, windows, etc. serve as clothes hangers.

We met four students from their Student Union and got a briefing on student self governance and their clubs and organizations. All well intended but somewhat rudimentary by US standards. But, these students were just terrific!

Dinner was just the four ‘Dukies’ at a nearby Chinese restaurant, so nothing special to report. Tomorrow, we’ll visit the health center and dining facilities and speak with seveal people doing Student Affairs sorts of things. I’ll also be meeting with the Wuhan Youth League (junior Communist Party) so am very much looking forward to that.

More to come…

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