Mealworm Cookies Are Back!

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Duke Dining

Back by popular demand chocolate chip mealworm cookies will now be available every day at each Duke Dining location! Chocolate chip mealworm cookies made their debut last September at the Subnature and Culinary Culture event held over at the Marketplace and were such a hit that not one single cookie of the 2500 batch was left! Freshman, Etta Bug said, “I never knew mealworms could be so delicious!” The mealworm cookies served as one of many educational components of last year’s event where subnatured food items were presented in nontraditional ways allowing students to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. Duke Dining representative, Cricket Crawley said, “We have received multiple requests from students asking to have the mealworm cookies available more often, so we are granting those requests by having them available on a daily basis at every Duke Dining location.”  Sounds great-who doesn’t like a little extra protein in their cookies?