Meet the True Blue Cast: Ayan Salah


Hi! My name is Ayan and I am a rising senior. I am pre-law and majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Comparative studies with a focus on the Middle East. I was lucky enough to participate in the first ever Duke in the Arab World program and got to travel to Doha, Qatar and Cairo, Egypt this summer. It was HOT but I loved every second of my time abroad. This is one of the many opportunities that you will soon find out that Duke can provide you with.

I am so excited for you all to come to Duke University!  I truly love this place! I remember back when I was a freshman and how ecstatic I was to move in and make new friends. You will see that Duke is a very diverse setting and provides something for everyone to be involved in. The professors are all so helpful and resourceful, and there are many resources and opportunities that Duke can provide you with to help further your knowledge and experiences.

I decided on becoming involved with True Blue because having a healthy and well-rounded college experience is extremely important to me.  I always try to emphasize how pertinent it is for students to take care of themselves while away from home.  The stress from the piles of assignments from professors can sometimes be hard to deal with and hard on your health. I have had times where I had a lot of papers and assignments to complete and due to procrastination I had a serious lack of sleep as I pulled numerous all nighters. These all nighters left me fatigued and tired. I had to learn how to have better time management skills to help me get my work done and keep my body healthy and get the appropriate hours of sleep that I needed every night. Also, sometimes it can be easy for students to make unhealthy choices in college without even realizing it. You may be on the rush in between classes to grab a quick bite to eat and wind up choosing a quick and unhealthy option for your lunch. I have been guilty of doing this. Also, having a safe and healthy social experience is very important to me. I would love to help True Blue in emphasizing the need for safe drinking for those who are of age and making healthier choices when engaging with friends.

Want to know some fun facts about me?

1)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!

2)  I love meeting new people and making new friends.

3)  I speak 4 different languages

4)  I love to swim.

5)  I am a huge jokester and prankster!

I cannot wait to meet you all!! :)

Ayan Salah