Meet the True Blue Cast: JASON NI


My name is Jason and I am a rising junior who is a Neuroscience major and Chemistry minor, but have always had a passion for wellness and healthy living, especially in the Duke community. This fall, I will once again be a part of the True Blue cast, though I am currently in Beirut, Lebanon with DukeEngage accomplishing some great strides in tobacco regulation and smoking cessation in the Middle East. The city here is absolutely beautiful and the food is delicious! I encourage all of you to apply to DukeEngage in the future; it’s a very enlightening, challenging, and eye-opening experience.

I became involved with True Blue because I feel as if individuals at Duke often neglect their own well being in keeping up with the Duke society and lifestyle. True Blue has meant a lot to me these past two years as the situations that we represent on stage are actual situations that I have encountered at Duke on a regular basis. In seeing this, I feel that True Blue is actually a very useful tool in exposing and educating freshman into a completely new society, i.e. college. Even though I am part of True Blue now and believe it’s impact is very strong, as a freshman I couldn’t care less about what the actors said on stage.  I was just too excited to be at Duke! But now, I feel for an individual to be truly successful at college he/she must approach all situations with an open mind. In this regard, individuals are able to learn more initially and then respond much better in future encounters and experiences, thus I ask all freshmen to take what we True Blue actors represent on stage to heart and remember that your body and mind are your most valuable assets and you need to take care of them as much as possible.

From the stage to the campus, I am available in any medium for communication and would love to talk to any and all individuals about academics, wellness, soccer, or anything else!


--Jason Ni