Meet the True Blue Cast: JESSIE LU


My Blue Right of Passage

Hello my name is Jessie Lu, and I am a junior from Guangzhou, China. I major in Public Policy, minor in Psychology and have a Market Management Study Certificate.

I am writing this blog post in Nebaj, Guatemala during my Duke Engage experience. Two years ago at this time I was prodding my head up trying to finish AlcoholEdu at the last minute. I was wondering at that time, why on earth would anyone drink at the risk of breaking the law (In China we don’t have drinking age so I didn’t quite get the complexity of underage drinking). I would soon realize how much I had underestimated the role alcohol plays in everyday college life and how essential it is to understand how much booze is in each drink. This learning curve at Duke starts at orientation week, or even before that.

Now that half of my Duke journey is in the past, it is time to embrace the fact that that Class of 2016 is really coming and I am old enough to give out advice (finally!).
Well, for me, to say that freshman year was tough would be an understatement. As a FOB Chinese high school graduate, I had to learn about life from scratch: how do drive-throughs work, how to respond to “sup y’all”, what is March Madness, what is hook-up culture…  

Luckily I was not alone in my transformation to a true Blue Devil. Whenever I felt stuck/lost/stressed out, I could easily find assistance from the various campus organizations. And DUWELL is definitely one of my favorite resorts. The tranquilizing corner in The Oasis, the massage services during final week, and the interesting wellness workshops have helped me cope with stress and colliding due-dates towards final weeks.

During orientation week you will have the opportunity to learn about all the amazing resources DUWELL provides and receive guidance for some of the most common college problems (use your imagination). You will never know how your True Blue experience during O-week will come in handy later in your Duke years. Even though things don’t often get nearly as dramatic as helping your overdosed friend get EMS at 5am (well, it happened), a little precaution can never hurt.  Also with our super talented and exciting True Blue cast this year, you are guaranteed a fun time with us. So get excited and stay tuned! Class of 2016 I can’t wait to meet you all soon! Go Blue Devils!  

--Jessie Lu