More carbs! Less carbs! No carbs! More protein! Less protein! Resolve To Start at the Beginning

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Duke Student Health Nutrition Services

Thumbnail ‘Tis the season for making resolutions. Whether you are aiming to get fit, get organized or just be a better version of you (whatever that may look like), the American Psychological Association offers great advice on how to get your resolutions to stick.
These tips include starting small, changing one behavior at a time and not beating yourself up when you experience a setback.
If one of your goals is to improve your eating, we would like to add to that advice. Before you make any changes (or start the latest fad diet with your roomie), understand the basics of the nutrients you eat and why you eat them.

 â€œThe Big Three” 
“The Big Three” tutorials are streamlined guides to understanding carbs, proteins, and fats. Complete with colorful pictures (featuring some of your fellow Dukies!) and “take-home messages,” these user-friendly tutorials offer the basics on the 3 essential macronutrients - what they are, where to find them, why they’re important, and how much our bodies need to succeed! 

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