My Abroad Experience


I’m Jacquie Schindler, and I studied abroad in Florence this past fall. As part of my abroad experience, I spent Thanksgiving in Prague with Jewish Life at Duke! My Thanksgiving was delightful, because I spent it in Prague! Although I traveled a lot over break, this was the first trip I went on while abroad that was organized by someone else. It was really nice to have a schedule of amazing activities and transportation! It was also my only trip that really involved a Jewish experience. The only other experience I had was visiting the synagogue in Florence. In my opinion, it was one of the most beautiful buildings in Florence. The dome is visible from the skyline, and on the inside the entire building is covered in brightly patterned wallpaper. It’s also supposed to be a sort of retreat, so the whole area is fenced off and surrounded by palm trees and other exotic plants. If you ever get the chance, I really recommend going to see it!
-Jacquie Schindler, T'14