Need A Hug, An Ice Cream Cone, Or A Moment Of Meditation?

Author name
Kyle Fox

A nap, a big hug, some really really good food, and snuggling with your dog are a few of the mental images the “Take What You Need” board offers. The end of the semester can be a stressful time and while a weekend at the beach would be great, sometimes just taking a moment to imagine yourself on vacation is enough to catch your breath.


“The board is covered in detachable cards…students are encouraged to come by our office and take anything off of the board that they may need that day. Leadership requires taking care of yourself especially towards the end of the semester. This board is an excellent reminder to be mindful and to ask for help when you need it” said Anna McKeown, Graduate Assistant in UCAE Center for Leadership Development and Social Action.

Anna worked with Daniela Falamini, a sophomore who has worked at LDSA since her second semester at Duke. When asked how she came up with the cards Daniela said that she used examples provided by Anna and a reflection of what she would like more of on a daily basis.

“My favorite card is probably “a day off”. I think oftentimes people get so caught up in their routines, that they forget that a life outside of class and work exists. If I could give a card to everyone at Duke, it would probably be that, since oftentimes Duke turns into a secluded bubble where students forget about how privileged they are to be studying at such a fantastic institution with such wonderful resources. Every time I go home for break or go away for the summer, I come back to Duke extremely grateful and happy to be here again, but this sentiment fades unfortunately quickly as things get busy and routines become monotonous. Sometimes a day off is all it takes to remember how lucky we are to be here” said Daniela.

As we push towards the end of the semester, take a moment to think about what you need. If you’re a little stressed remember that Anna and Daniela want you to have a day filled with ice cream and your favorite book; even if just the thought.