November Student Affairs Newsletter: Culture, Identity and Religion


Dear Faculty, staff and friends,

This month Student Affairs will be doing some focused outreach and promotion around culture, identity and religion. The diversity of our student body is quite amazing and delightful. As I type this, I'm watching an impromptu step show on the Chapel Quad by several of our Black students. In the past couple of weeks, I spent time with the Muslim Student Association leadership, with students from Blue Devils United and with staff from Jewish Life at Duke. Just a quick scan of the websites of our identity centers will give you a sense of the richness and wonders of our incredibly diverse and active student communities. I encourage you to read the enclosed blog entries from Dr. Zoila Airall (see below) and our student bloggers highlighting some of our efforts in support and celebration of our diversity. I also encourage you to check out the websites for the many religious communities supported by Religious Life, under the direction of the Duke Chapel.

If your travels take you into Central Campus, please stop by the new International House on Alexander Street (the very red house at the top of the street). I-House's relocation--featured in a recent Chronicle article--signifies our  commitment to our growing international student population. The new house doubles the space available and will be the home of numerous support services and programs. In the coming months, as we plan for the closing and renovations of West Union, we'll also celebrate the opening of the new Center for LGBT LIfe and the new Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture.

And I will be exemplifying personally our commitment to culture, identity and religion during my upcoming trip to China. I leave next week and will spend two weeks in Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai with various side trips to the provinces. Half my trip will be with a College Board program called China Bridge and the rest of the time I'll be meeting colleagues at Wuhan University and visiting Kunshan and the surroundings working on plans for campus support services at Duke Kunshan University (DKU). This will be my second visit to China and I'll be very curious to see what has changed since 2000 when I was last there. I'll be blogging from China and you can follow along if interested.

祝好! (roughly translated as: “wish everything is good”)



Cultural Conversations, with Tracie Canada and Dr. Zoila Airall

Senior Tracie Canada and AVP of Student Affairs Dr. Zoila Airall will hold regular conversations throughout the year on various issue pertaining to the issues and concepts surrounding culture, both on and off campus. You are invited to follow and join in.

Canada: My experiences and opinions may or may not differ from yours, but that could be part of my appeal. As Dukies, we are all bound to come from different backgrounds and choose different paths for ourselves, but I hope you take the time to hear me out in order to understand how Duke has shaped and will continue to shape the person I have become.

Airall: This past Spring, I had the great pleasure of teaching, listening to and learning from one of my students, Tracie Canada.   Tracie and I share a number of intellectual interests and enjoy sharing, debating, negotiating, all topics related to culture. I echo Tracie’s sentiment that my experiences and opinions may or may not differ from yours but hope that you may find that appealing.

Join their conversations.


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