Our First Blog Entry


Here goes...our first blog from the Flowers Building and Student Affairs leadership team. I've taken the liberty of serving as first author and will be joined periodically by Zoila Airall, Sue Wasiolek, Caroline Nisbet and Rick Johnson. We have no idea (yet) what we'll be blogging about, but stay tuned and follow us through your favorite news reader or just by periodically checking out this site.

Speaking of this site, you'll notice its quite new and different. We've now launched our new Student Affairs websites and look forward to your reactions and suggestions. We're deep diving into social media and more so please let us know what you think. I also welcome your ideas for topics you'd like us to address here.

There are so many noteworthy achievements  and over the course of a year, we'll touch on many of them. For example, just this month we enjoyed wonderful BAI and LSRW weekends, watched our various arts groups put on their Big Shows and just this week, our Duke Mock Trial won Nationals...this first time in Duke history, beating out over 700 other teams! Congratulations to them! These efforts are but the tip of the iceberg of student efforts we'll want to highlight and celebrate. And, of course, occasionally, we'll have things to say about more sobering behaviors and consequences worthy of campus discourse. So, stay tuned and send your ideas for issues and topics we should address.

To our students, best of luck with exams and papers...to our faculty, best of luck with exams and papers, and to our parents, thanks for sharing these amazing students (and check out my expanded note to you in the parents newsletter).

Go Devils!