Packing for China


by Larry Moneta

Hi friends,

Here I am again…packing this evening for my upcoming trip to China. I leave for New York tomorrow (and hope I can get to my hotel without too many travel problems) and then for Beijing on Wednesday. I’ll be in China for two weeks with the first week as part of the China Bridge program hosted by the College Board in concert with Hanban/Confucius Institute. We’ll be in Beijing for a day, then in Shangai for three days, returning to Beijing for a couple of more days.

My second week with be spent focused on the Duke Kunshan University project with trips to Wuhan University and then Shangai to visit the DKU campus now under construction. I’ll share more about that project throughout the trip as well as further details and observations about the China Bridge program and the many places we’ll visit. My only regret is that Judy won’t be joining me on this trip, so two weeks will feel like an awfully long time!

Stay tuned for posts and photos!