Poetry in the Chaos

Author name
Casey Tissue, '16

You think it’s fall right?  Well, check again, because with November comes the season of chaos!!

Round-two of midterms is soon to come,
We’ll be pulling all-nighters to get everything done.
There are papers to write and tests to take.
The pressure is high, and the future’s at stake!
And if pounding our brains in isn’t enough,
There’s a whole lot more to make this month rough.
Picking new classes for the semester ensuing,
While still in the current, storms are brewing.
I can’t take it anymore, all will shout!
This semester won’t end, count me out!
But book-bagging brings some hope for us all,
Take easier classes, don’t repeat the fall.
This we’ll resolve with all our heart,
But we’ll still pick the hard ones just to look smart.
After meetings, advisors, and flunches too,
We’ll be less busy!  So what should we do?
We schedule our summers, which at first seems fun,
Until we realize what has to be done.
Decisions, decisions, so many to make
What doors should we open, what path should we take?
Do we stay home or go overseas?
Do we earn money or do as we please?
And when we eventually make our choice,
We have to apply, and present “our voice.”
More resumes and essays explaining our worth,
And how awesome we’ve been since the day of our birth.
So while November is a month of distress,
The fourth Thursday to come is a day to digress.
Forget all the worries, and just eat some food,
And be ever so thankful for all that is good.
Sure, Duke is hard.  That’s a fact.
But now we’re here and there’s no going back.
We need to make use of these last tough weeks
To learn and to grow and to make a few tweaks.
Relax, be calm, and keep your heart stout,
Your mom was right, it will all work out.
We learn the most from hardships in life,
And adversity comes in the presence of strife.
So don’t give up yet, try to stay strong!
December 15th is coming along.
Before you know it you’ll be home for a while!
Let’s just get through all this chaos, and end with a smile.