The Power of the Present Moment


A Talk with Sharon Salzberg Offered for Duke Students

“...a life of connection and authenticity can come completely alive for us now. Discovering that our hearts are indeed wide enough to embrace the whole world of experience—both pleasurable and painful—is the basis of extraordinary freedom and happiness.” – Sharon Salzberg

Start Off the Year Learning To Live Life
With Less Stress and More Complete Well-Being.

The syllabi and schedules of the Fall semester will soon pull you into anticipating what will happen next, dreading what you have to get done.

This talk will introduce concepts and life approaches, including mindfulness meditation, to help you move toward valuing your sense of place here at Duke, your connections with each other, and the gratification of learning.

September 7, 2012
4:00 p.m.
Old Trinity Room
(Located in West Union Building, Ground Level)

ARRIVE EARLY!  Space is limited.

This event is being offered to Duke students, with support from the Buddhist Community at Duke, CAPS, Duke Student Wellness Center, and Student Health.