P.S. You Make Me Happy


This blog was written by last year's DUWELL graduate assistant, Scott Leighty. 

I derive tremendous joy from my relationships, and have found that taking the time to think about others really hits that sweet spot and keeps me feeling happy and healthy.  Quite frankly, loving, empathic relationships are what life is all about.  And, like all things in life that are good, relationships take effort.  It is impossible to maintain a good relationship and feel a real connection if you do not invest some time and some of your heart.  I have found a strategy that helps me feed my relationships, as well as keep me connected to myself and what I love about my relationships: hand written notes.  
The president of my alma mater gave me a piece of advice one time and he said, take some time to write a note to someone every day.  Whenever I have been down in my life or been going through anything particularly difficult, I relieve some of that stress by throwing myself into the life of someone that I care about.  Physically writing the note makes me feel so much more connected with that person.  Writing reminds me of the good times that I have shared with that individual.  Furthermore, I know that that note will physically travel, in a mail truck, then maybe an airplane all the way across the United States.  It will be delivered to that person and they will feel the card and know that my hand and my heart touched the card as well.  I think that the note will bring some sort of joy to the life of that person, and you know what, that makes me feel good.  It makes me feel fulfilled in the most important aspect of my life.  It is ok to do something for yourself.  It is a true win-win situation when you can do something that fulfills you and someone that your care about.
I take about 10 minutes every day to write a note to someone.  That is my time during the day to unwind, reflect and almost literally re-connect with the people who make my life worth living.  So, get out, buy some cards (check the dollar section at Target if you’re on a budget!) and stamps and take the time to make someone’s day!

And if hand-written not your style or don’t have the funds for postage, etc.? Here are some other ways to connect with others:

  • Send a personalized email that isn’t just small talk or something that you’d say on facebook to a friend or a colleague with some personal updates to connect with them out of the blue.
  • Text someone for no reason other than to tell them that you care.
  • Call a friend from home in between classes just to say hello.