Reflections: NC Pride Parade & Festival 2013

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"The NC Pride Parade and Festival were really great this year not only because the weather was fantastic but also because there was incredible variety of participants from the local community. Many community centers, churches, and businesses had booths at the festival and floats in the parade. It really goes to show that our local and greater communities are truly invested in the celebration of difference and supporting the LGBTQA community."

"Pride is always an event I look forward to every year. It makes me so happy to see so many people celebrating who they are and the number of allies who come out to support. It's really special to be able to welcome all of these people to my campus, a place where I've always felt safe being myself, for an event like this."

"Although I had been to the North Carolina Pride Parade in the past, this year was my first year actually riding along with the float. Dancing on the moving vehicle with my "Keep Calm: I'm Just Gay" sign and waving to and connecting with members of the crowd lining the streets around East Campus allowed me to understand and appreciate the tradition of Pride in a way I hadn't before. Not only was I able to celebrate my own identity as a gay man, but I also really enjoyed Pride's general celebration of all identities and atmosphere of acceptance. It's amazing that the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity contributes to the entire state of North Carolina's Pride experience by helping host the parade in Durham."