SAP 7.40 Upgrade - Visual Changes

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Michael Tran

SAP has updated their client to version 7.40 (previously 7.20) which will affect Windows 7 and Windows Virtual Server users. A update for the Macintosh OSX local installation has not been released.

Student Affairs ITS will deploy the update through IBM Endpoint Manager to all existing installations of SAP v7.20 starting 04/21/2015.  This action is autonomous and requires no action by users besides a restart of your workstation, which you will be notified by the management system to do so. The shortcut icon and login interface has gone through some subtle visual changes. Below is a walkthrough to familiarize yourself ahead of time.

Your new Authentic Login icon looks like this:

Select "Get Ticket"

Enter your SAP credentials as shown below.  It is case-sensitive.


Once you have a authentication ticket, you will see it listed below with a expiration time before you will need to re-authenticate.

Minimize the Authentic Login window and launch SAP Logon 7.40

As always SA ITS will be available to assist, feel free to submit a ticket by sending a email to

Michael Tran
Student Affairs ITS