Spring Cleaning: Student Organization Storage


The storage cages in Trent for student organizations are getting some much needed spring cleaning! All inventory will be removed from Trent cages 7, 8, 9, 12, and13, and will be relocated to the Bryan Center Von Canon room on Wednesday, March 30th from 10am until 6pm.
Please pay attention to the following regulations:

  • Each organization may send any member to claim any inventory that belongs to your group.
  • Each student organization will be allowed to claim two large bins – anything that does not fit within those two bins will not be stored in the Trent cages.
  • Each bin must be clearly labeled with the student organization’s name that it belongs to – UCAE will be providing labels.
  • Any items unclaimed at 6:00pm will be properly disposed of.
  • The following items may not be stored under any circumstances and failure to comply with this list will result in the loss of storage privileges and forfeiture of contents:
    • Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous, or Toxic Materials
    • Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies and Equipment
    • Construction Equipment
    • Perishable Foods and Animal Products

UCAE will be sending out reminders on a regular basis. If you need any additional information or further assistance with anything regarding student organization spring cleaning please contact Kyle Levine at darien.levine@duke.edu. More information can be found via DukeGroups