Student Health Services, Graduation, and Summer Health Fees


Congratulations to all graduating students!

The Student Health Fee for Spring Semester 2017 EXPIRES at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 19th. This means that all Duke students who have paid the Spring Fee can continue to utilize Student Health Services (SHS) through May 19th. Depending on your status at Duke, there are different rules that apply after that date. If you are:


Graduating on May 14th – After May 19th, you can no longer be seen as a patient at SHS. You must find another source for health care. The only exception to this is if your SHS provider requests that you follow up for a condition for which you were seen prior to May 19th.


Taking summer classes at Duke – Students who are taking summer classes pay the Summer Health Fee each term.


            Summer Term I                        May 17 – June 29                    $136.00

            Summer Term II                      July 3 – August 13                   $136.00

            Summer Term I and II              May 17 – August 13                $272.00


If you are taking classes for the first term or both terms, you can continue to utilize SHS uninterrupted. If you are taking classes during the second term only, you must elect to pay the first term health fee to be allowed to utilize SHS between May 19th and the start of the second summer term. Likewise, if you are only taking classes during the first term, you must elect to pay the second term health fee to continue to utilize SHS throughout the whole summer.


Not taking classes, but staying in the area – Students who will return to Duke for the Fall 2017 Semester but are not taking summer classes can elect to pay the Summer Health Fee, utilizing SHS uninterrupted between Spring and Fall Semesters.


Prescriptions, Refills:

Prescriptions can be renewed at the discretion of the prescribing provider for up to 30 days after graduation (e.g. June 13, 2017). After June 13th, only returning students can have prescriptions written or phoned in by SHS providers.


Medical Records:

Students may request that copies of their records be forwarded to other providers. Appropriate release will be required. For more information, visit our website:, click on Forms & Policies and look under the Clinical Forms section. Alternatively, you may call 919-681-9355 and press menu option 6.