Summer in the City


Submitted by Deja Beamon.

Summer in the city means … Deja’s broke. That was all that was on my mind as I boarded a plane back to Duke. The new housing model had made me opt to move off campus and it was time to grow up. I didn’t exactly know what was in store however. And did you know that real life apartments don’t come with furniture? Yeah, me either. So I was on a plane to a new home but did not know how I’d buy a mattress. Sounds fun, right?

Let me backtrack a little bit. I spent my summer participating in DukeEngage in NYC. It was a Women’s Studies major’s dream. Maneuvering the city, interning with great organizations, a summer surrounded by feminist perspectives. It’s a rare experience to be around people who are vibing on the same wavelength as you. While I got to write some fun blogs, meet an author I admired and hang out with family, I also survived off of Ramen, pb&j and spaghetti. Not so much fun. As I boarded a plane home, I was excited to eat my grandma’s food more than ever.

And then senior year was rapidly approaching and the doubt began to sink in. Did I really want to go to graduate school? Did I have time to study for the GRE? Did I really want to write a thesis? The answer to all of these questions ended up being no in the end, but the anxiety it took to reach this point took years off my life, I swear. So here I am, a month into senior year. Did you know you’re supposed to start applying for jobs in October? Yeah, me either.

While I’m trying to work out the kinks surrounding my future, I am happy to be back at Duke. To be living off campus, to be taking classes I care about and can sound actually intelligent in, to not be a freshman. SENIORS 2013 WOOOOH!