Summer Transition Series


In an effort to provide enhanced access to the international student community to resources on campus, Student Affairs is utilizing technology to expand our global reach.

In 2009, with the support of Dr. Jo Rae Wright, former Dean of the Graduate School, colleagues from across the institution came together to create the first online orientation within New Student Programs' Summer Transition Series to facilitate a smoother transition to Duke and Durham for our incoming international graduate and professional students. These online sessions provided essential information in an interactive format for international students before they even set foot on campus. 

This year we hosted a very successful live session and the 150 person capacity was reached almost immediately.  As individuals left and others joined, we saw a total of 272 users participate in the program.  Currently these modules and a recording of the live session can be viewed online.  Within the last five days (since their posting) between 280 and 460 people have accessed them.  We estimate that by the end of June we will reach over 3,000 views among the links below. 

Pre-recorded modules:

Please contact the New Student Program office at if you need more information

Special thanks go the following: Paige Vinson, Lisa Giragosian, Linda Moiseenko, Annette Lindsay, Anna Kenyon, Casey Fisher, and Li-Chen Chin (captain of this international outreach).  

International Graduate & Professional Student - Online Orientation
Hosted: Tuesday, May 15th, 11am EST
Recording of our Live session:

International House, the Graduate School, and New Student Programs will continually be looking for creative ways to serve this dynamic population of students and their families.