Tabula Duke: SA September 2013 Newsletter

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Larry Moneta, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Faculty and Friends,

The new year has begun and its been a mad rush to the finish/start line! When I wrote to you over the summer, we were in the midst of an array of construction projects with extremely tight timelines. Fortunately, with the help of many people, we accomplished all our objectives and opened with wonderful new facilities for the Duke community. I hope you'll wander over the the Bryan Center to see how we've transformed that building. We welcome to the BC our new Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (formerly the LGBT Center), new food venues (Red Mango and The Loop), new offices for University Center Activities and Events, The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Center for Multicultural Affairs as well as new offices for me and my colleagues in Student Affairs. Check it out and stop by to say hi!

We also opened our new Events Pavilion, now named the Penn Pavilion thanks to a wonderful gift from Duke alumnus and trustee, Robert Penn ( I hope you'll come by and enjoy a fantastic meal in the Penn Pavilion which will serve as our temporary dining facility while we renovate West Union, which, by the way, is now officially closed through the renovation and construction period. Soon, we'll update the West Union renovations website with the latest design and schedule information which you can follow at:

We have many new faces in Student Affairs and many are introduced below. I hope you'll have opportunities to meet them and the many other people in Student Affairs. If there's anything we can do to assist you in your teaching, research and service roles, you need only ask.

Finally, I want to remind you about our DukeReach program ( Should you encounter any student whose behavior concerns you, feel free to contact us via that website or by calling Duke Police. We'll follow up and ensure that appropriate care is offered. I also want to remind you about Duke's Mandatory Reporting Policy should you hear of any sexual misconduct involving any Duke student. More information can be found here: Again, if you have questions about any of these issues or others, feel free to email me at or refer to our website at for information.

Have a great semester and we'll be back in touch next month with our next newsletter.



Penn Pavilion
Larry Moneta called Penn Pavilion "a wonderful addition to the Duke landscape," adding, "Penn Pavilion will be a fantastic space to host career fairs, performances, banquets and more."

Read more about the Penn's generous gift.

West Union Renovations update
The cornerstone of the West Union Building was placed in 1928. Since that time, the university has literally grown up around this beautiful structure. Once the center of student activity, the role it has played in student life has changed as the university has grown.

The current renovation of the West Union Building, made possible through a a generous gift from The Duke Endowment, will restore the facility to prominence as Duke’s student living room, premier dining facility and lively center of student engagement and activity.

Read more, and view the most recent drawings.

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New Student Affairs Staff
Every year there are new faces on the team. Here are a few people you may interact with durign the year.

  • Dr. John Vaughn, Director of Student Health Services
  • Clay Adams, Associate Dean of Students
  • Nick Antonicci, Assistant Director, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • India Pierce, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • Dan Perry, Alcohol & Drug Senior Program Coordinator, Duke Student Wellness Center
  • Jordan Hale, New Student Programs, HDRL
  • Mathavi Jothimurugesan, New Student Programs, HDRL
  • Andy Beville, Director of Facilities, HDRL
  • Jerry Connolly, Director of Finance, HDRL
  • J'nai Adams, Center for Multicultural Affairs
  • Jen Handel, Jewish Life at Duke

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