Taking Nutrition on the Road

Author name
Toni Ann Apadula, RD

You did it, finals are over and it is time for a month away from the books. Whether you are working, taking it easy, or have a great trip lined up, chances are you will be traveling at some point during the winter break.  Let’s face it when traveling there isn’t an abundance of appetizing and energizing snack options, also eating on the road can be a budget buster. With a little advanced planning you can satisfy your taste buds and save yourself some time and money.

Here are our top picks for energizing snacks that travel well:
• Nuts and trail mix (without added salt)
• Granola or cereal bars that have some protein and fiber (look for those with at least 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber)
• Dried fruit or fruit leathers (a small handful will do)
• Small juice box sized flavored milks travel well and don’t need refrigeration (either dairy or soy are a great source of protein and taste good to boot) but certainly taste better cold.
• Nut butters and whole grain crackers
• Fresh fruit such as apples, clementines, oranges and most other fruits don’t need refrigeration and travel well.
• Consider jerky—although high in sodium it packs a hunger satisfying protein punch and truly travels well.
• If you have access to a cooler, pack some string cheese, hummus and veggies, sandwiches or even yogurt (although hard to eat if you are the driver—eat this while visiting a rest area).

Don’t forget some water and your GPS!

What do you pack to snack on (if anything) when you travel? Let us know-we’d love to hear from you!