True Blue: Meet Grace Befort


Hello! My name is Grace Befort and I am sophomore, tentatively majoring in Public Policy with an Education minor and Children in Contemporary Society certificate. This summer I was lucky enough to participate in a domestic DukeEngage program in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I worked as a Freedom Schools Intern, teaching a group of ten 5-9 year-olds literacy. I loved my time in the program, but I cannot wait to return to Duke for another year.

As I just finished my freshman year, the wide array of feelings about starting college are still fresh in my mind. I was definitely excited to get to Duke, but also overwhelmed, nervous, lonely, and confused. We at True Blue want to help make your transition to Duke as easy as possible, and help you find balance during your first year.
During your first few months of college, it’s easy to let lots of formerly routine things go to the wayside. Things like maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating can be easily forgotten with so many other things to fill your time and countless opportunities to munch on Cosmic Cantina. Your old study habits from high school will have to be adjusted. Not only will the general timing of your studying probably change, but the temptation of all your friends living just a few steps away from you and no parents around nagging you to work makes it especially easy to blow off studying for something more fun. Not only will you have to balance healthy living and studying, there is a whole new social culture you will have to maneuver as well. Safe drinking, the hook up culture, and simply finding your niche at Duke are all tricky concepts you will be faced with during your Freshman year. True Blue will address all these issues, hopefully preparing you to make responsible choices while still having a blast. The True Blue team and I are not here to lecture you on underage drinking or encourage you to study all day instead of having a social life, we just want you to make the best, safest choices for yourself.

Although everything may seem intimidating now, you are about to have an amazing four years at Duke! There is something here for everyone, you just need to go out there and find it. Even though it might be hard with the incredible school you are about to attend just a few weeks out of your grasp, be sure to enjoy the time you have left at home, Duke will be your home soon enough!