True Blue: Meet Nancy Su


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Duke Class of 2017! How are you feeling—nervous, hopeful, invigorated? Breathe it all in! Let me introduce myself:

My name is Nancy Su, and I will be a junior this coming fall. I am pursuing a major in psychology, minor in biology, with an interest in health care.

I wanted to participate in True Blue because it offers something I don’t think any freshman can get enough of—knowledge. Specifically, knowledge about the push and pull of college life. Nervous? Yeah, I was nervous when I stepped onto East Campus for the first time that move-in day. Hopeful? I felt hopeful that I wouldn’t totally bomb the first Chemistry exam of my freshman year. Invigorated? I was rather invigorated about experiencing for myself the social scene everyone talks about.Apart from those, there are topics not everyone may properly enlighten you on, such as keeling over from pulling three all-nighters in a row, whereby you are found by your roommate and delivered to the hospital. Or, maybe getting wrapped up in happy partying for a weekend, whereby you are too incapacitated to head to class on Monday. Exaggerations aside, situations like these may arise from your time at Duke; academic, social, and personal stresses are pretty common for the average student.

You may wonder if two years of college under my belt makes me a pro at making the “right decisions,” right? Ha! Surely yo Thumbnail u jest. Life is a learning curve, my friend, and no one can make perfect decisions all day every day, but what you and I can do to mollify this is to listen and to learn. And, what’s a better way to begin listening and learning than to use True Blue as a platform for your new start at Duke? I believe that the knowledge you gain from True Blue can be helpful for whatever situations you chance upon in college.

I personally welcome the wonderful Class of 2017! For now, this is Nancy signing off.

~Nancy Su