True Blue: Meet Pablo Santander


My name is Pablo Santander and I’m a member of this year’s True Blue cast. I’m a rising junior from New York City, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology. This summer, I took a couple of summer session classes, and have recently been shadowing at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Freshman year is a time for growth, learning and having fun. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived two years ago, and wish I had done some things differently looking back. Many members of the True Blue cast have similar thoughts, and by sharing our experiences with all of you, we wish to help you guys have the best possible transition to college life. Welcome Class of 2017!

This O-Week will be the first time many of you are completely autonomous, and you’ll probably have the most freedom you’ve ever had. We want to make sure your acclimation goes as smoothly as possible, and help you make well-informed and healthy decisions that will improve your overall Thumbnail experience on campus. Issues such as maintaining an exercise schedule, budgeting study time, balancing a social life, drinking safely, and meeting new people are some of the many topics that will be covered by True Blue. Many of the scenarios we’ll be showcasing are drawn directly from our first hand experiences, so we hope that you guys remember some of the messages we try to get across. The main goal of True Blue is simple: for every freshman to have a happy and fulfilling Duke life, while remaining healthy and responsible. Your experiences for the next four years are perhaps some of the most memorable and enriching in your lives, and we’re here to make sure you guys get off on the right foot.

All of you are about to embark on an incredible journey at Duke, and are probably experiencing many emotions including excitement, anxiety, anticipation, eagerness, and possibly fear – especially in the days leading up to move-in. However, there’s no need to be alarmed, every incoming class has had to deal with the same trials and tribulations, and soon enough you’ll be giving advice to the next batch of freshmen and be calling Duke your second home.

I’m open to any questions you guys may have, but in any case, enjoy the rest of your summers! We’ll see you in August.

Pablo Santander