True Blue: Meet Robert Ansel

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Robert Ansel

What is college life? What is it really that defines the ground floor of the quintessential American college experience? After two years at Duke University, I’m only just beginning to understand the answer to that question. Here’s a head start: The answer is you. You are the one and only factor that will define what college life is to each and every person you tell about ‘the good old days’ when you attended one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States.
My name is Robert Ansel, and I am a representative of the Duke University Wellness Center, and a member of the cast of True Blue. I am also an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, you know, one of those nerdy guys that can’t introduce themselves without a stutter, much less write a coherent essay. Then again maybe I like to defy expectations. I’m an active member in an on campus fraternity and participate in a variety of athletic and artistic extracurricular activities as well. I believe I’ve spent the last two years of my life in meaningful ways and with decidedly good intentions. That’s the cliff note summary of who I have become, but if you ever get the chance to know me you’d see much more. Thumbnail

The types of activities I’ve chosen only represent a small portion of what defines my college experience. I’ve had the time to sift through the many opportunities laid out before me to help shape myself into the individual writing this blog post. This process boils down to choices and expectations. In college, you will become the person who will live the rest of your life; and if you think you already are that person, you’ll soon find that you’re looking back and already seeing the changes that have taken place.  You will have to choose how to conduct yourself in a wide variety of circumstances and how to influence those around you. You will be faced with an eclectic variety of personal decisions ranging from how you will be influenced by your peers to how to deal with personal disappointment, loss and misfortune.

Issues like the consumption (or not) of alcohol, interactions with the opposite sex, washing your dirty socks, and dealing with the mounting pressure leading up to your exams will be some of the foundational experiences you will face. The Duke Wellness center can be a powerful resource for all of these issues (okay not all, but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad). To me, being a member of the cast of True Blue allows me to represent a possible route to one of many good college experiences, and striving to share my less pleasant mistakes so that others may not need to make them for themselves.