True Blue: Meet Tianyu Shi

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Tianyu Shi

Hello class of 2017! My name is Tianyu and I’m a rising senior majoring in biomedical engineering and computer science. I’m currently a software engineering intern at LinkedIn and I plan to go into the software and tech industry after I graduate.

Congratulations on your acceptances to Duke and I hope you’re all excited for freshman orientation week! You’ll be literally swarmed with introductions but make sure you take advantage of it! Leave your door open, visit the common room, attend the social events, and explore Duke with an open mind. You all are in for an awesome time and as a senior I only wish I could relive your experience.
In your first year, I’m sure many of you will find college very different from high school. True Blue is about making informed choices so that you enjoy your time at Duke. You may not be thinking too much about STIs, pregnancy, or emergency rooms but these things happen more often than you might think. Whether or not you take what the True Blue cast say seriously, I think most of this information will be relevant to you some time during your college life, if only indirectly. To a lesser extreme, living your day-to-day life, it’s still also important to stay healthy, manage your stress, and care for your body. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the many resources available to you like DUWELL!

Please do feel free to ask me any questions! It could be about BME, CS, freshman year, or any other issue you have that you might feel that I’d be qualified to answer. I hope you all will enjoy our show and I’m looking to seeing you all in the coming weeks!