We Love Allies Week! (January 27th—January 31st)

Author name
Tanvika Gupta

When I first applied to work at the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity during my sophomore year, I did not understand how much my involvement at the Center would ultimately mean to me.  Now, as a senior, I realize that many of my close relationships on campus have stemmed from my daily interactions with those who appreciate the work that the CSGD does within the Duke and Durham communities.  While I encourage anyone who wants to make a difference on campus in his/her four years at Duke to apply to work at the Center, I understand that smaller steps of getting involved can be just as valuable—a huge reason why “We Love Allies Week” is a great place to start!

As an ally, I am so excited about this entire week of events and discussions devoted to making Duke a better place for allies of the LGBTQ community to celebrate each other and voice their support.  Here’s a look at the schedule for the week:

Monday, Jan. 27th:

So you call yourself an ally…but what does that really mean?
Grab your lunch and come to the CSGD from 12pm-1pm at the CSGD for a discussion!

Allies Night Out with Hudson Taylor
Come enjoy dinner and a discussion from 5pm-7pm at the CSGD with Hudson Taylor, creator of “Athlete Ally”

Tuesday, Jan. 28th:

Trans 101 from 11-12:30 @ CSGD
Ally Training from 5pm-8pm @ CSGD

Wednesday, Jan. 29th:

It’s a Photoshoot!
Stop by the top floor of the Bryan Center to take a picture in celebration of Allies from 1:30pm-4pm!

Thursday, Jan. 30th:

Send a special postcard to your favorite allies to show how important they are to you!

Stay Educated—Ally Update:
Come to the CSGD from 10am-11:30am to learn more about the terms and language important to the LGBTQ community!

Friday, Jan. 31st:

Come to the CSGD from 3-5pm for “A Salute to Allies” Kickback Friday to celebrate the end of the week with fun, music and food!

I hope to see many people take part in these events throughout the week—get excited!