Welcome Back!!

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Women's Center Student Staff
(Written by Women's Center Student Staff) The Women's Center has always had a welcome back party, but there was something special about the one this year. It was the first time that the student staff (all of the interns and PACT trainers) came together and independently planned the party, it was the Women's Center's first big event of the year, but really we think it was the number of students, faculty, and other Duke community members that came to the party that made it so special. In years past, there have always been individuals who were strongly associated with the Center who came to the party. This year we had a record number of first-year students and other new faces come and share. It really showed us how the Women's Center has grown, and the party set a great tone for year to come. We planned for this event at the Women's Center retreat! We divided up the work by breaking up into different teams which included a Marketing Team, a Refreshment Team, and a Poster Team. The marketing team came up with some cool advertisements to put up on Facebook, the refreshments team coordinated getting the italian ice and the other snacks, and the poster team came up with the posters that were going to go in the lower lounge. The day of the party grew closer and closer, and we all looked forward to it with excitement. Finally, it was Friday; with the advertisements up on Facebook and the refreshments on the way, everything was looking great. Of course SOMETHING always has to go wrong when EVERYTHING is going right.  When the intern who was taking care of printing all the posters, showed up without any, we were all very surprised. We thought he had left the posters in his house or someone was bringing them later, but it turned out the poster printer had broken! We were left without any of the posters, so we decided to convert the lower lounge to a hangout space. Thankfully we were able to do this and waited for the party to finally start. Once the clock hit four, the Women’s Center was already buzzing with both new and old faces. Newcomers were welcomed with plenty of food to eat, people to meet, and activities to do. Most people made a beeline for the free Rita’s Italian Ice when they first arrived but stayed to chat with the staff and interns about all of the resources the Women's Center has to offer. Interns encouraged party-goers to find their place at the Women's Center by checking out all of the awesome programs and groups offered, such as the Women’s Collective, FEMCAMP, WHO Speaks, Develle Dish and more. The party ended with a fun game of picking provocative questions out of a fishbowl. We (student and senior staff) all agreed that the party was a huge success!