Welcome/CLG Kick-off Party at IHouse

Author name
Tierney Marey

From Nepal to Germany or China, Australia, or South Korea, there were internationals galore at Welcome/CLG’s kick-off party at International House on Thursday. The party welcomed new comers at Duke and celebrated the commencement of International House’s Connect.Learn.Grow workshop series. Over the next 9 weeks International House will host a variety of workshops designed to help internationals and non-internationals alike settle in, or re-appreciate their home in Durham.

With topics like American Football 101, keys to interview success and even a trip to the lemur centre, the CLG workshops are definitely something to look forward to! At the party we ate finger food from a variety of cultures, and chatted about life at Duke, in Durham and back home.

It was really fascinating to hear all about people’s experiences moving to America, and their lives in their home countries. People had found themselves at Duke for all different reasons; some were undergraduates, others PhD students or even professors! It was a relaxed, friendly night and a great way for people of all ages and cultures to come together, thanks to the International House’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff!

Come along next week to learn all about Active and Efficient Reading Strategies! The CLG workshops are on Thursdays, 5pm at International House (300 Alexander Ave, on C2 bus line).


Written by Tierney Marey from Australia
Class of 2017 at Trinity Arts and Social Sciences.