What’s Your True Blue?


As a new academic year begins, we all begin to set expectations and goals for ourself in the upcoming year. Whether a new or returning student, you've probably already started thinking about what this semester can hold. As you go forward, we in the Wellness Center encourage you to consider one question:

What's Your True Blue?

We all have times where we have to make choices.  "True Blue" can mean thinking about who you are and what you value, it can mean thinking about your Duke experience and what you want it to be, or it might just mean considering how you plan to stay true to your goals and authentic self as you navigate your college experience.  

For new students, we do a whole program during Welcome Week called "True Blue".   A group of 5-10 returning Duke students present information on a variety of topics in a fun and interactive way, and you also get to meet some of the professional staff on campus who pass on some good tips and info to keep you safe and happy while you’re at Duke.  

We've asked this year's cast to consider what "True Blue" means to them and think about what they would have wanted to know as an incoming first year students. Our next few blog posts will be their answers to these questions, as well as an introduction to what their Duke experience has been thus far.

So stay tuned…you’ll be hearing from students that are all around the world this summer who are very excited to come back and meet new students during orientation week!